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[#177405] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [22/02/2012, 07:52]
willing to help out eztv?

our previous content administrator has gone mia, so we are looking for someone to help us out.

if you are willing to spend the time to keep our show information up to date, please contact me on
irc (click the logo at the top of the website) and send me a msg.
[#178032] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [27/02/2012, 15:56]
the position has been filled, thanks for everyone that got in contact with me.

show information will slowly be updated over the next couple of weeks.
[#484391] Written by: GuamGuy [02/02/2016, 00:14]
Why so many OLD episodes now on the main page?
[#484438] Written by: senegalstyle [27/02/2016, 04:23]
NOTE: Please forgive me if this is the wrong place - I can't seem to find the 'request a show' th
thread... maybe I'm stupid but I've looked everywhere I promise! Don't delete my msg if it's wr
wrong or please send me the link to my msg box. Thanks!

Hi Everyone and thanks SO MUCH for your service!

Shows coming from Oprah Winfrey's network seem to be under the radar but here's another REAL
REALLY GREAT ONE to add to your listings: It's called 'It's Not You it's Men!' and it's hosted by Tyre
Tyreese Gibson (the R&B singer) and Rev Run (from Run DMC the hip hop group from the 80s). It look
looks to be really good but unfortunately I haven't been able to watch. I live outside of America.

So far there have been 6 episodes.


Is it possible someone could add this torrent and drop me a note when it's up? My EZTV name is Se

[#484992] Written by: Parijat Puri [19/09/2016, 14:17]

Could you add "New Shows" in the menu. So that the people living outside US can know, what new shows are getting aired in
US. And what are its ratings

[#485170] Written by: Razz3e [21/10/2016, 15:46]
Apologies for typing this here. For some reason I cannot make a new thread in General.

I need to point out that the Season 4 "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Episodes are missing the end tags to them. They are basically
the post credit scenes. Whoever is uploading them needs to include those scenes. They are about a minute long each
[#485296] Written by: Lazare69 [05/11/2016, 02:17]
AVG and FLEET cut their uploads short (and on most sights they have a disclaimer telling you this info)
which I really hate also.
[#485297] Written by: Snoopal [05/11/2016, 09:40]
I'm not particularly a new member, have been around for 5-6 years, I appreciate EZTV's efforts and
have for a long time enjoyed your work and your results. My problem is that when I follow a TV show
like Grimm, Arrow Flash, Z- nation... Whatever. I find that there are missing episodes. Now you
people offer a service... I spend money on a VPN.... and at my own risk still try to see a series
that pleases my fancy. And I know that some cases episodes have been chained together as one file,
IE A pilot episode might be episodes 1&2 inclusive. Without jumping up and down making a female dick
of myself I still have to ask why are there missing episodes and if they be found somewhere else....
What must I do to watch them them?

[#485517] Written by: SMCEZTV [09/12/2016, 08:29]
Hi, I would love to help. I feel Like I have a lot to offer and share some important core values. Please consider me as you
decide who will be you new addition. II have resently beeen recovering from a very serious illness. I mean like in a coma
sickess and am strict at home for the nest 12 mothns. I can do this, I want to to do this.


Sheila Nelson
[email protected]
[#485519] Written by: highwayjones [09/12/2016, 20:03]
What happened to season 3, episode 3 and onward of The Affair.
[#485813] Written by: frank1939 [16/03/2017, 02:18]
Where could I find episodes of Emergency
[#485819] Written by: BruHazlee [18/03/2017, 13:59]
Please what has happened to The Bachelor...right to S21E08 and then nothing...I went to Pirate Bay and got up to E11,
but they are on and off. Where do we stand legally...or the future of this site. I would pay a monthly fee for series!
[#485868] Written by: jollyfly [03/04/2017, 15:09]
I am a fan of Agatha Raisin. Unfortunatelly, it was finished after 8 episodes (it says pending in the show list) and SKY 1
started a new serie called "Investigating Agatha" which is a continuation of the previous TV serie and there have been
4 episodes so far. We will be able to find them on EZTV? If you could enlighten me about that I will be very pleased.
Thank you in advance.
[#485937] Written by: Raven Disney [02/05/2017, 13:59]
Hi I'm looking for the full 3rd season of Marvel's Avengers Assemble. if anyone can help please let me know

[#487711] Written by: gerber0606 [01/11/2017, 23:58]
Hi to all @ extv my go to site for tv shows...
I just downloaded Law.and.Order.SVU.S19E06.HDTV.x264-SVA[eztv].mkv for Nov, 1
Uploader has made a mistake, that torrent is actually ep.01. please before all your happy fans
download this ep. take it down. and get the correct ep. in it's place
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