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[#530064] Written by: TheBlackKing [13/05/2024, 18:39]
I was wondering how do you become an uploader on EZTV, I've tried to contact Nova on his email address but had no answer.
[#530078] Written by: TheBlackKing [14/05/2024, 16:50]
Im guessing this site is nearly dead and no one cares about it, shame.
Im seeing missing episodes and the upload rate is decreasing.
[#530079] Written by: Tyser11 [14/05/2024, 17:44]
Don't waste your time, if you want to upload do it to a site that actually keeps things
on time and on point, where questions get answers! I'm quite sure it doesn't upload
any of its own files anyway and just renames the original upload uploaded elsewhere
first as their own with (eztv). I used to use this site regularly then I discovered better.
There's so many more that could actually use, benefit and appreciate the assistance.
Especially if you plan to upload regularly you may as well put the uploads to good
use in my opinion.
[#530080] Written by: TheBlackKing [14/05/2024, 18:12]
Yeah for sure i agree, I'm waiting for the staff on 1337x to respond to start uploading there
[#530081] Written by: TheBlackKing [14/05/2024, 18:31]
If you have any other suggestions let me know
[#530082] Written by: Tyser11 [14/05/2024, 19:43]
Not a bad choice altho from what I gather was run better with its previous owners.
Im a regular in the form on torrent galaxy and actually prefer it's form as a whole
99% of the time you get a response from someone... if not multiple people, and im
sure they upload a majority of files first but, there's rules and they don't just allow
anyone to upload, you have to plead your case as such hahaha but it's good that
way. Another good shout would be TPB been around a long time again a lot of
content goes there altho I'm not a registered user there personally. Here's the form
for tgx read these 2 threads back a few pages it will give you a better insight into
becoming a trial uploader
[#530083] Written by: Tyser11 [14/05/2024, 19:45]
[#530084] Written by: TheBlackKing [14/05/2024, 19:50]
I was thinking of TGX as well, I am a daily user but they are not opened for registration unfortunately, I will keep trying maybe they will open the registrations again in the future.
Cheers buddy
[#530085] Written by: Tyser11 [14/05/2024, 20:55]
I didn't know that, guess you do learn something new every day! I'm sure it will open
up at some point just keep checking... and if I notice anything in a thread saying it is
I'll let you know it's open!
[#530201] Written by: TheBlackKing [23/05/2024, 19:39]
Are you a TGx user? If so can you please ask a mod if they are planning to reopen registrations, thanks!
[#530205] Written by: dave999 [24/05/2024, 03:58]
Okay but TGX site is hideous clutter and terribly broken search, ridiculous enlarging text and popup images, etc. I'm not even taking about ads. You'd have to hate yourself to make that the preferred access.
[#530211] Written by: COOLnEZ1 [24/05/2024, 05:14]
Try Torrenting.com. Well managed and taking registrations. I am an uploader there. A few more rules but it is better that
[#530212] Written by: Tyser11 [24/05/2024, 05:16]
@theblackking. Tgx has partially opened up to new users if you were still looking,
unfortunately there's a daily limit so time it correctly and your in with a small chance,
the limit is very low! Saw it posted in a thread and remembered you were trying to
join, overall not sure on how many members they will be taking, but as you plan to
actually upload ild let you know
[#530213] Written by: TheBlackKing [24/05/2024, 06:07]
@dave999 I have made requests on 1337x but got denied twice so i'm not going to bother with them
I know TGx is not the best but there are plenty of users and this is what Im searching
[#530214] Written by: TheBlackKing [24/05/2024, 06:08]
@COOLnEZ1 I am a registered user there but you have to be a special member to start uploading
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